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Feed Compounders & Forensic Nutritionists
Extra Services:
Penn State Particle Separator: The ability to meet nutritional requirements of the dairy cow requires an understanding of the chemical and physical properties of a ration. Increasing particle size and fibre level has shown to increase chewing activity, rumen pH, acetate: propionate ratio and milk fat levels. The Forage and TMR Particle Separator was designed to help in determining the correct forage particle length needed to improve ruminant nutrition, allowing visual assessment of the diet the cow is currently being fed.
Cargill Digestion Analyser: The Digestion Analyser allows us to visually appraise the digestion of ingredients in the cow. The results may lead us to change the processing of ingredients, change the physical makeup of the diet or change the management of diet delivery. Connecting the digestibility results from the cow with the diet and ingredient composition leads to a more accurate and consistent diet for your cows.
Ketosis Diagnosis: An important problem to detect, especially due to its appearance early in lactation, caused by a negative energy balance and resulting in animals metabolising body fat to produce ketones. Economic losses such as reduced production; poor fertility, displaced abomasums and metritis can all be caused by this disease.  This simple milk test gives immediate results and can demonstrate the level of ketosis to which an animal is suffering.  Through nutritional management, this problem can be easily rectified.
Body Condition Scoring: To ensure that cows and cattle are at the appropriate body condition for their respective time of production, lactation or fattening, breeding or calving.    
Specialist advice: On breeding, feeding, and management as we have access to numerous specialists in different fields of experience, all willing to part with whatever information may help in improving your herd health and performance.
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