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The Ewe
The benefits of good birth size and high milk intake are well recognised by all flock owners. We at Bolger’s have vast practical experience when it comes to sheep farming. Our first priority is a fit ewe at lambing producing quality milk for high growth rates in young lambs. Attention to detail when it comes to ration formulation is what makes the difference here. Quality of ingredients especially protein  has a vital role in milk production and our milking ewe ration ticks all the boxes in this department.
The new born lamb
The development of a healthy rumen has to start as soon as possible post lambing to ensure maximum growth rates. Today, with labour as a scarce and expensive resource minimising the time a lamb spends on farm is an important contributor to overall profitability of any sheep operation. Our series of step by step rations targets rumen development, good skeletal growth and muscle development at all the right stages.
Bolger’s super lamb starter is specially formulated to encourage intake due to its excellent palatability. A high flake maize content, soya and molasses make it sweet and pleasing to the eye.
Once lambs are familiar with feed they can move onto the next stage which is lamb creep. This 18% crude protein mix is designed to maximise bone growth laying the foundation for a good skeleton to carry muscle.
Finishing lambs
Finishing lambs move onto the Five Star Lamb Finisher or Hogget Finisher depending on forage available. Both equally as palatable and packed full of energy especially home produced barley and oats to finish lambs as quickly as possible.
For the ad-lib hogget finisher we have a number of designer ration. Most of these ration have maize meal
add to improve carcass confirmation and kill out. Lambs reared on these ration finish quicker and at lighter
weights maximising profitability when the price is right.
All our lamb rations had adequate ammonia chloride to minimise the incidence of unary calculie.
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