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Feed Compounders & Forensic Nutritionists
Farm Visit:  This creates an initial point of contact between Bolgers and the prospective client.  This casual visit aids us to establish where the herd production levels currently stand and evaluate to what level the farmer wishes his herd to reach.  This is an informal information gathering exercise and helps both parties involved understand the goals to be achieved.
Forage Analysis:  Using the most technologically advanced methods, forages can be collected and analysed within 24 hours.  Information provided includes DM, DMi, Protein, Starch, Oil and Ash levels.  This information is gathered using NIR (Near Infa-Red) technology of which we are only 1 of very few in Ireland using this.  All straits used in the manufacture of our feeds are subject to this form of analysis to ensure strict quality control of all our feed ingredients.
Forage, Grass & Feed Budgeting:  This part of our service portfolio allows us to measure and match     your winter feeds.  We can easily evaluate as to weather or not extra feeds need be purchased, ensuring sufficient winter forages and grass for the summer grazing season.
Ration Formulation:  Based on forage analyses, feed budgeting and animal production levels we can recommend a ration or diet specific to your herd and your requirements.  We design your feed using the French, Nett Energy System, tailored to Irish conditions and is accurate to + ½L milk per cow.  Again, we are the only feed mill currently using this system in Ireland.
Repeat Farm Visit:  This is to maintain a proper relationship between supplier and customer.  Forage qualities are continually assessed and ration altered to suit and optimise results.  Cows and cattle are periodically walked, checked and evaluated.  These visits allow us to provide optimum benefits from your specific ration, resulting in content cows and cattle through a proper forage and ration balance.
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