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Feed Compounders & Forensic Nutritionists
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Dry matter intake is the corner stone of sustainable milk production. Maximising intake requires quality forages balanced with the

At Bolger’s we have unique skills in the area of dairy herd nutrition derived from many year’s of practical and theoretical experience.  Our quest for excellences in this field has driven us to develop a unique service which allows us to gather very detailed analysis of all inputs and outputs at farm level.
Using NIR technology we can analyse maize and grass silage samples and have results out to farm within the same day. All results are kept on file and placed into the customers own file on our feed formulation system. We use the Net Energy system (developed in France and adapted to Irish conditions by UCD) for ration formulation.

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appropriate carbohydrates, fibre, fat and protein depending on stage of lactation and genetic potential of the herd. Maximising production requires the ability to gather precise information on actual forage and concentrate intake.
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