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Feed Compounders & Forensic Nutritionists
Home Dairy Beef Sheep Contact us Links About us Horses Services We at Bolger’s understand the complex nutritional needs of all beef animals. Growth from an early age sets the foundation for a good skeletal frame. Type of protein, protein content, energy content and especially micro and macro minerals have a major influence on the growth of young animals.
Our starter rations are packed full of goodness to ensure good rumen development in young calves coupled with optimum growth rates. Our follow on rations help maintain early weight gains through continued growth and muscle formation.
Finishing rations are a particular specialty. Regardless of the type of forages available to you (beet, brewers, grass silage, maize silage, wholecrop etc.) or combinations of forages we can formulate a ration to maximise growth while improving feed conversion efficiency.
Our use of buffers with a broad operating pH band coupled with yeast reduces the incidences of acidosis. This gives great peace of mind to our customers who find cattle tend to suffer less rumen upsets and are easier to move onto an adlib diet.
For the extreme animal we have developed the extreme diet. With buffers and hi maize content we add protected fat to maximise energy density and muscle formation. The hi-energy content ensures a better fat score which normally cannot be achieved by Belgium blues and other double muscled breeds.
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